What I’ve Been Up To // Summer 2018

So… it’s been a minute since my last post! Between Chicago, St. Louis, multiple internships, moving and trying to have a life, I’ve been a busy bee. Get the details on what I’ve been up to the last five months, below.

Internship Number One

In addition to the part-time social media work I do for Made for Freedom, I spent my spring quarter completing my journalism residency (also known as JR, the full-time internship program Northwestern journalism students are required to complete in order to graduate). I was lucky enough to spend my JR at MSL in Chicago, a public relations/integrated digital marketing agency. I had an incredible – and very, very busy – experience, working on a variety of different accounts and learning all about traditional and modern public relations. My three months at MSL absolutely flew by, but my amazing coworkers and everything I learned will stick with me forever :’).


Between Internships Number 1 & 2 (more on #2 below), I had to make my way back home to St. Louis for the summer. To be fair, I think I did a really good job of planning ahead and actually packing up all my stuff in advance of my family picking me up in Evanston. But I didn’t quite realize how much stuff I had or how much cargo room my mom’s car actually holds, because I ended up leaving a few things behind (whoops). However, this move went way faster than previous trips!

Internship Number Two

My time at MSL came to an end on a Friday and the following Monday, I was back in St. Louis for my first day of my next internship at Express Scripts! I’m only halfway through my experience at Express Scripts, but I’m having an amazing time so far. I’m excited to be switching gears from agency work to in-house branding, which is a totally different vibe but equally as fun/challenging. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to work on social media content, blog writing and graphic design, so I’d say I’m having a very well-rounded experience so far.

Odds and Ends

Between Made for Freedom and two full-time internships, I feel like I’ve had about zero time to do anything else but sleep, eat and sometimes catch the latest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. I have carved out time to actually have a social life, but now that I’m settled in for the summer, I’m also going to prioritize pursuing my hobbies. That means more frequent blog posts, more frequent Instagram posts, and I’ve even picked up running again! Couch to 5k, come @ me.

Here’s to learning experiences, me-time, and getting my website (and myself) back into shape!


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