Unplugged: Taking a Tech Break

collageSometimes, I need a little break from technology. It doesn’t have to be weeks or even days unplugged, but every once in a while, just an hour or two without my phone is exactly what I need. So this weekend, my boyfriend and I drove out to the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park after staying up all night so we’d be awake to see the sunrise.

panoramarockscave699idth=Being disconnected from Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook (leaving me without the ability to immediately post the beautiful views I got to see this weekend) is so refreshing. I’m not focused on what other people are doing or on how many likes my Insta has gotten. I’m able to be in the moment and enjoy my surroundings and, more importantly, the company I’m in.

My tech break is now over (and regular posts will resume, I promise!), but I wanted to share some of what I got to enjoy when I was awake and unplugged at 6 in the morning.



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