Review: Azeredo Cosmetics Mink Eyelashes

I am always looking for ways to enhance my lashes. Like my eyebrows, my lashes are super light and short. I’ve definitely considered getting eyelash extensions but man, is that expensive. So, I tend to rely on mascaras with darkening and lengthening properties. But sometimes, makeup just doesn’t cut it. When a look needs more than just a swipe or two of mascara, I reach for false eyelashes.

I’ve gone through tons of different brands and styles through the years. I’ve tried full strips and individual lashes from Ardell, Duo and Sephora. But no matter the price point, these lashes have all been synthetic. The look I get from them is certainly dramatic, but not quite as seamless as I’d like. I’ve wanted to try natural lashes, but between the expense and the possibility that they aren’t cruelty-free, I’ve hesitated to buy any. Recently, however, the team at Azeredo Cosmetics (formerly Mandy Cosmetics) reached out and offered me the opportunity to try their natural mink eyelashes. Check out my thoughts below!

mink eyelashes

The Lashes

I ordered their lashes in style Vixen. These are the “little sister” style to the Bombshell luxury lash and belong to the lightweight mink eyelash. My lashes arrived in a gorgeous embossed black box (way more luxe the plastic box that most lashes come in) with a magnetic-closure, great for keeping the falsies protected. Inside, the luxury theme continued with more gold embossing, a gold lining and a gold ribbon for ease of lifting the plastic form out of the box. I almost (almost!) love the box more than the lashes themselves – it’s pretty enough to display on my vanity, unlike other falsies containers.

As for the mink eyelashes themselves, I’m in love. They’re super lightweight and so soft (I couldn’t stop touching them). The lashes come on a long cotton band, so you may need to trim the band to fit your eye shape. They also feel super sturdy – although they should never be handled by the mink itself, only by the band. I used Ardell Brush On lash adhesive and while the lashes are dramatic, they look totally seamless with my natural eyelashes. (One reminder – never use glue meant for individual false eyelashes on strip falsies. Individual lash adhesive lasts longer than than strip adhesive and can damage your eyes if used with lash strips).

So far, I’ve worn my lashes three times and they still look almost new. It’s important to clean the band after every use (I use a cotton swab with some micellar water to break down the eyelash glue) and store the lashes in their case to keep them usable. Azeredo Cosmetics promises up to 20 uses out of these, so I’m excited to hang on to them for a while! Head below for my more pics of my mink eyelashes!

mink eyelashes

mink eyelashes

mink eyelashes

mink eyelashes

Have you tried mink eyelashes?


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