Outfit of the Moment // May 2016

The best feeling is walking away from a store having just bought an amazing, one-of-a-kind piece of clothing. Even better is when you weren’t looking for it to begin with; that’s when you know it was meant to be. Fate is how I found what is possibly my favorite thrifted item ever: my fringe suede jacket.

Fringe Suede Jacket Full

I was out running errands the other day and decided to stop by Crossroads Trading Company. As these things often go, I wasn’t looking for a fringe jacket. I was actually looking for a dress to wear to my upcoming formal and didn’t have any luck, so I was wandering around the store wasting some time when I suddenly saw the most beautiful, chestnut brown jacket just hanging on the end of a rack. It was completely out of place among the blazers in that section, and while it was intimidating at first, once I reached out to feel the leather I was in love.

It also didn’t hurt that it was only $13.75.

Fringe Suede Jacket Side

For this Outfit of the Moment, I paired my fringe suede jacket with a long pendant and chestnut leather Chelsea boots to up the seventies vibe.  To keep it modern, I pulled together the look with black leggings and a white crepe blouse.

I definitely struggled when I first put this outfit together, because I didn’t want it to come off as costumey. The fit of the jacket is also huge in the shoulders, so I had to get used to the cut , but once I struck a balance between materials, I was good to go. You know you’ve made a great buy when you feel like a bad*** wearing it.

Fringe Suede Jacket Outfit

Shop this post:
Crepe Open Back Top $38, American Apparel
Wunder Under Legging – $98, lululemon
Office Imitate Chelsea Boots – $43, Office
Fringe Suede Jacket – faux version here ($64.99), genuine suede here ($269)



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