New Year’s 2019: Making Changes

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and New Year. I was lucky enough to have a three week break after graduating (!!) before I started my new job (!!!) and I took full advantage of the vacation time. But it’s now back to reality, and between it being a brand new year and an exciting new chapter in my life, I decided to take a different approach to my New Year’s resolutions.

new year's resolutions

In the past, I’ve tended to have the same resolutions every year: eat healthier, lose weight, workout more, etc. This year, however, I’m committing to a different type of resolution. Instead of focusing on unspecific intentions, I’ve decided to set a few broader goals with tangible, achievable tactics to reaching them. I’m also going to commit to not being so hard on myself if I don’t reach my goals as quickly as I thought I would. Change for the better can be a slow process and that is something I need to remind myself of!

Take Care of Myself

This resolution means that I will take care of myself physically and mentally. My strategies to reach this goal include:

  • Taking advantage of my gym membership and working out 3-4 times per week…
  • …While also recognizing that how I look does not necessarily define my emotional health.
  • Getting enough sleep at night (eight hours minimum!).
  • Being okay with saying “No.” Throughout college, I sometimes found myself overextended because I felt like I had to say yes to every opportunity. I still think it’s important to be willing to stretch yourself in pursuit of new opportunities/knowledge, but I also want to be okay with prioritizing my mental health.

Get Out of the House

Now that I’m officially done with school and will be living and working in the same city for the foreseeable future, I want to take advantage of all there is to do in the St. Louis area. Tactics include:

  • Keep a running list of restaurants I want to go to and commit to trying at least one new place every month.
  • Make an effort to find new things to do (I’ll be relying on our local magazines and newspapers for ideas!)
  • Don’t be afraid to fall back on old favorites – for example, I haven’t been to the zoo in years even though I love it. So once it warms up, I’ll make an effort to revisit!

Make Time for My Hobbies

There are a number of things I enjoy doing outside of work, including this blog (duh), painting and playing music. Even if it means scheduling time in my calendar, I am committing to:

  • Sticking to my blog calendar! I got into a semi-regular posting schedule toward the end of last year, but I got busy/lazy and it fell to the wayside. I love writing and need to commit to posting when I say I will because it is something that makes me happy!
  • Creating something new every month. I don’t have the space for actual painting supplies right now, but I have found out that I like making digital art on my tablet. So, I want to spend time each month to creating at least one new piece.
  • Remembering how to play the guitar. I first learned how to play more than a decade ago, but haven’t picked up my guitar since I started college. Now that I’m home, I want to take time to practice and learn.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2019?


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