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I’ve been hearing about this spray-on nail polish for months, so I was so excited when I happened upon it while waiting in line at Sephora. IMG_9695.JPG

For $20, I got the polish in Hoxton Market (a hot pink) and the brand’s 2-in-1 base and top coat. The can directs you to apply a base coat to your nails and allow it to dry, then spray on the nail polish from 10-15cm away. Allow that to dry, then apply a top coat and wash your hands in warm, soapy water to remove the excess polish.

Just the base coat


First coat of polish. You can see the whites of my tips here, which is what spurred me to apply a second coat


Second coat of polish

I followed the instructions exactly and while I did need two coats of the polish to get it to opacity, it does dry really quickly so that wasn’t an issue. I ended up with some pretty nice looking nails!


Unfortunately, I have a few problems with this polish. I definitely liked how my nails looked immediately after application, however…

  • The polish is very, very matte. While it’s almost sparkly when you first apply it, it looks like you’ve applied a matte top coat when it dries. I liked how the color looked as a semi-matte, but if you want glossy nails, you won’t get it with these. (I even applied Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Top Coat which is super shiny and I got the same results).
  • On the topic of clear coat, the 2-in-1 clear coat is a pretty small bottle – only 5mL – but cost the same as a 15mL OPI nail polish. While the brand recommends this clear coat for the Paint Can, I didn’t find that it worked particularly well.
  • I let the polish dry completely, and I still ended up with color in the clear coat when i applied it. I soon realized that this is because the polish is almost a powder (which is why you need the top coat to set it). Further, this powder will get everywhere. I scratched my nose before washing my hands and ended up with a smear of pink across my nose from the color left on my skin.
  • My nails chipped ten minutes after drying. I didn’t have high hopes for the polish’s durability – the polish itself applies very thinly.  But I was typing on my computer and a huge chunk of polish chipped off my middle finger, followed shortly by smaller chips at the tips of my index finger, ring finger and thumb.


I would give the Paint Can 2/5 stars. The concept is ridiculously cool – spray on nail polish that eliminates the need for precision and cuts down manicure time to about ten minutes. I also really loved the color (the matte grew on me) and it applied surprisingly evenly. I just can’t get over how quickly it chipped. Like I said, I did not expect this polish to last more than a few days, but ten minutes?

I’ll probably use this if I need a quick manicure when I’m going out or just need my nails to look nice for an hour, but if I want a manicure with staying power, I’ll stick to classic polishes.

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    Great post-I laughed at the scratching the nose!

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