My Makeup Vanity Organization

My vanity is the most consistently organized part of my life. Yes, I try to keep my living spaces generally neat and have a number of different calendars for organizing my life, but nothing stays as pristine as my makeup vanity. I featured my makeup vanity organization at home on Instagram a while ago and had a number of people asking where I got my organizers, so I thought I’d share my favorites and how I set them up in my apartment at school!

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I’m a big fan of being able to see all of my makeup. It’s so much easier to glance  at my organizers and immediately see (almost) everything without having to dig through drawers and bags for that one highlighter I want. I have a couple of different clear organizers that have held up extremely well over time, below.

Makeup Vanity OrganizationMakeup Vanity Organization

Ikee Design Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic/Makeup Storage Display Boxes – Amazon, $13.95

Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display – Amazon, $20.99

STORi Clear Plastic Cosmetic and Makeup Palette Organizer – Amazon, $13.99


Makeup Vanity Organization

I also love these mason jars; they’re the perfect size for cotton rounds and Q-Tips.
Wide Mouth Quart Glass Mason Jar – Walmart, $1.97


Makeup Vanity Organization

I was so excited when I found this organizer at The Container Store. It is the perfect size to fit most of my palettes and is surprisingly sturdy for the price.
Letter SorterThe Container Store, $5.99

Another piece that is critical to my makeup vanity organization is my makeup brush holder. While this is technically a planter, it is the perfect size to hold every last brush I own.
Marble Shape Planter – Urban Outfitters, $12

How do you keep your makeup organized?


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