Life Update: Work, Fitness + a Bit of a Ramble

So…it’s been a while! I obviously haven’t been prioritizing the blog this summer, so while I gear up to start posting regularly again, I thought I’d catch up with my readers. Read on for this summer’s life update: how much I love my job, my new fitness plan and everything else I’ve been up to!

life update


This summer I’ve been working as a marketing & events intern and honestly, I really love it. The hours are weird on event days, but it’s so satisfying to be part of the process of event planning. Seeing a project come together from almost nothing and actually be successful is the greatest feeling in the world. I’m definitely looking to continue this kind of work after graduation.


I’ve also been working out pretty regularly this summer, which is a big step for me. I’ve always known how to eat healthy and work out, but I haven’t necessarily been committed to it – until now. In addition to eating healthy 90% of the time and logging all my foods in My Fitness Pal, I found two apps I love using: Nike Training Club and Running. Both apps offer guided workouts and you can choose to do singular workouts or the pre-designed programs. I’m currently using Nike’s Lean Fit 6-week program and Running’s Running for Weight Loss – Beginner 8-week program. Having the guide is the motivation I need for a fraction of the cost of fitness classes (I’m looking at you, Cyclebar!).

I’m only two weeks in to the programs but I’ve already seen an improvement in my strength and endurance.

I also got a FitBit Alta at the very beginning of the summer and it’s been incredibly helpful in motivating me to get active. Between my step, exercise and sleep goals I’m probably motivated to walk as much as I do around campus.

And everything else

I hosted a BBQ for the Fourth of July and had a blast. I loved seeing some of my friends from high school eating and drinking the evening away.

After having no access to a real kitchen throughout the school year, I got back to baking and made a succulent cake! It took about 10 hours to make, bake and decorate the three-layer vanilla cake, but the result was so worth it. I’m definitely proud of the result!

My mom and I headed to California to visit family for a week and enjoyed the beautiful weather and great company (plus tons of eating!).

I recently got into Bullet Journaling, a concise, customizable system that includes to-do lists, notes, diaries and doodles. My journal is, of course, black marble print.

I’m so excited to be getting my eyebrows microbladed this week! I wrote an extensive post about it here if you’re thinking about getting the procedure or are just curious. I’ll also be sure to post a before and after and keep you updated throughout the healing process!

Scroll on to check out my favorite Instagram posts from this summer and keep an eye out for more posts coming to the blog soon!

life update


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