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I absolutely got into blogging because of the inspiration I took from the writers I follow. For as long as I’ve had internet access, I’ve spent my free time reading up on the latest from both online mags and my favorite bloggers. Check out my favorite bloggers below and be sure to swing by their sites!

favorite bloggers dizzybrunette3

I’m fairly certain Corrie’s blog was one of the first, if not the very first, beauty blogs I started following. She’s since expanded to writing about fashion, lifestyle and makeup reviews and I always love her witty GIF posts. Corrie is also incredibly stylish (and shares my obsession with Lush), so I visit her blog on the daily. Check out her site and YouTube for biweekly vlogs, makeup tutorials and more.

Image courtesy Dizzybrunette3

favorite bloggers maskcara

First off, isn’t Cara’s blog name so cute? I love the range of content Cara posts. She writes about everything from her adorable kids to her capsule beauty looks. Cara also has her own makeup line! Her products revolve around HACing (highlight & contouring), but the line also includes beautiful blushes, lip colors, brushes and eyeshadows.

Image courtesy Maskcara

 In the Frow
favorite bloggers in the frow

I pretty much want to live Victoria’s life. She’s incredible! She as a PhD in fashion, a hair ambassadorship with L’Oréal Paris, and travels all around the world. Plus, she has incredible style. I would highly recommend checking out In the Frow (by the way, the name comes from “in the front row,” i.e. front row at a fashion show).

Image courtesy In the Frow

 A Beautiful Mess 

favorite bloggers a beautiful mess

A Beautiful Mess is my favorite DIY and lifestyle blog. It’s run by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, who are actually sisters! The website focuses on home decor projects, recipes, and crafts, as well as fashion and beauty posts (one of my favorite series are their Sister Style posts).

Image courtesy A Beautiful Mess

What other blogs do you follow?


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