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Pursuing My Passions (On a Budget!)

Believe it or not, I’m about to graduate from college (t-minus two months!). With that comes finding a job, starting my career and becoming a bonafide adult. And while my college years have been an amazing, fun experience, I have also learned a thing or two along the way. Yes, I’ve learned a lot about marketing and communications, and I’ve had the opportunity to get real work experience through internships; however, I’ve also learned a little bit about managing life. Read More »

Why I Always Say Yes and How I Keep From Going Crazy

I have always been busy. In high school, my list of extracurriculars was bordering on excessive and even now, I find that I have a never-ending list of commitments and to-dos. “And” is in my DNA: I’m taking five class and I’m working at an internship and I sit on the executive board of my club and I have a social life. More often than not, I’m mildly stressed out. So, why do I always say yes to opportunities when I already have a list of things to do ten miles long? Maybe it’s FOMO, but I think my eagerness to take on more is greater than just a fear of not being in the know.

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