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My Favorite Face Masks

My skin and I are longtime frenemies. One day, my face is glowing; the next, discoloration, redness and spots abound. Over the years, I’ve tried tons of products, from OTC creams to prescription-only Accutane.

Recently, my skin and I have been on friendlier terms (save for some dullness and breakouts from the London pollution). While I attribute most of that to a diligent skincare routine, my favorite way to target specific skin concerns is using face masks. Face masks come in all kinds of forms, but no matter the type, a mask is a relaxing way to treat your skin – and yourself.  Read More »

What’s in My Makeup Bag

Happy weekend! After a long quarter, I’m finally done with classes. And, I’m incredibly excited to be going to London today for my journalism class. I’ll be documenting the trip on Instagram and Twitter, so be sure to check out how I’m spending part of Spring Break!

Now, this post is unrelated to my travel plans. Today, I’m going to focus on what’s in my makeup bag! I mentioned a little bit ago on Instagram that I would be writing a post about my current favorite beauty products and I have delivered. I definitely like my high-end products, but if you follow my Broke Girl Beauty series you know I stick to a budget, too. So the products currently in my makeup bag are a pretty good mix of drugstore and high-end products. Check them out below! Read More »

DIY LUSH Bath Bomb

I‘ve been home for just over a week. It’s been so nice to relax and enjoy seeing my family and friends. One of the things I missed most about home (besides the aforementioned family and friends!) was my weekly spa sessions. I love putting on a face mask and taking a long bubble bath and just decompressing. But at school, I don’t have the luxury of a bathtub. So since I’ve been home, I’ve loved relaxing in the tub. And what better way to relax than with a bath bomb? I have no shame in admitting my addiction to LUSH, but their bath bombs can be pretty expensive. So I adapted this recipe for a DIY LUSH bath bomb that’s just as colorful and fizzy as the ready-made version.

This recipe includes good-for-you epsom salt and relaxing essential oils. Check out my recipe below!

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