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My Curly Hair Routine

Curly hair can be a battle. I’ve written before about struggling to come to terms with my hair type, but even over a year after writing that post, I still found myself reaching for the blow dryer more often than not just because it seemed easier than dealing with my curly hair. In April of this year, though, I finally figured out a curly hair routine that worked for me and was actually less time-consuming than using a blow dryer.

A lovely Instagram follower recently reached out asking about the products I use in my hair, so I thought now was as good a time as any to share my newfound curly success with everyone. Read on to see how I nursed my curls back to life and keep them in good health!

Curly Hair Routine

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Sweat Proof Hair

Welcome to the second post in my sweat proof series! In the first feature, I talked about the makeup products I love to use to combat sticky summer heat. In today’s post, I’m going to talk a little bit about my favorite sweat proof hair products.

Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on all types of hair, so protecting your mane before it’s too late is really important. Every hair type – even straight, silky hair – can benefit from some targeted products when it comes to hot weather.

Before we dive in, remember that I am not a trained hairstylist. All of my recommendations are based on my personal experience, and there isn’t one product or style that will work for everyone.

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