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How I’m Getting My Financial Life Together

I have a confession to make: I was never good with money. I understood the basic concept of income vs. spending, but I was never any good at saving. My real wake-up call, though, was when I got myself into trouble with my first credit card. It was summer after my senior year and I was finally old enough to get a credit card. The plan was simple: use it once or twice a month on small purchases to build good credit history. But like many young adults, I got in way over my head with spending my “free” money. Thankfully, I’ve since dug myself out of that hole and learned a whole lot more about finances along the way. For example, I now understand how a 401(k) works! But more on that when I start my post-grad career. For now, check out how I’m getting my financial life together!

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Broke Girl Beauty: Lip Color

As most of you know, I started the Broke Girl Beauty series for a reason. I have luxury taste, but I most definitely do not have a luxury budget. So, I set out to find drugstore products that hold their own against the most expensive brands. Today, I’m focusing on lip color. Read More »

Broke Girl Beauty: Skin Care

Hi readers! Before we get into the details of today’s post, I want to mention some exciting news (if you haven’t heard it already). Last week, CoverGirl signed James Charles to be their first male ambassador. He is an incredible makeup artist with a huge following on Instagram and YouTube (seriously, go check him out), and while he isn’t the first to do so, he’s breaking gender norms like nobody’s business. This is an amazing and high-profile opportunity to encourage anyone who wants to wear makeup to go for it. I want to mention that while this series is titled Broke Girl Beauty, it doesn’t mean the guys can’t get in on it too. Makeup isn’t just for women; it’s an art form that anyone and everyone with an interest should partake in.

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